Work photos – some days you eat the bear, and other days…

Client said the CDROM was a little loud. At 7500 RPM they can explode from a thin crack.

This retail Point Of Sale PC needs a cleaning. Those little cans of compressed air do not work in this case. Power Tank set to 150 PSI does the trick.


This is a server that had exhaust air at 142F. Used the Craftsman tool to narrow down where the hotspot resided.


Photo taken during a marathon session, 160 data jacks, 160 voice jacks. Test & qualify each data run with a Fluke Networks tool.

Damaged PC on Arrival


Slidefire SAR47

Damaged PC after Repair


Las Vegas Casino Server Room

Server Room in Las Vegas, getting a VPN setup with Reno & Henderson clinics that is HIPA compliant.

Client had complaint about a intermittent Internet connection. Toned & traced all the wiring, Fluke Networks tool found a problem with the wire going into the Cisco Router, pairs 3&4 with shielding peeled back.

Reno POS Cash Drawer Repair

Fixing the broken POS cash drawers that would get loose and end up with missing hardware after 14+ months in use. Home Depot & Loctite to the rescue.

This is what we found from a Charter cable install, not pleased. Called Charter and had them send out another tech to clean it all up.

Reno Gaming PC rig

Gaming PC, circa 2004.

Internet Speed test 2004 Reno Nevada

Reno DSL Speed test circa 2004. That was an amazing speed to get back then.

Reno Computer Repair